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Producing resources

The producing capacities of our enterprise and also the presense of highly qualified stuff give us the possibility of producing

1500-2000 pair a shift.

Shoes which are made in our factory are successfuly sold both in Ukraine and West-European countries.
Now our company manufactures uppers shoes (semi-finished products) of the customer's materials for well-known European brands.

We hand over in rent
two-storeyed building at the centre of Uzhgorod
by the area 3000 2
The communications: an electricity, water, water drain.
The building can be used
for organization of manufacture or warehouses.
The price contractual.

Location:   Mukachivska str. 44, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, 88000
Phone (+38-03122) 3-43-43
Fax  (+38-0312) 61-72-37