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About us

Our enterprise has existed for 70 years .

Since that time the skills of producing children's men's and women's shoes, pasting and molding method of fastening were acquired and improved.

The enterprise is situated in the centre of the town. It's area is 1,2 hectares. It includes cutting, storing and sewing shops.

Producing area - 5212 m2.

Storing area - 2294 m2.

Administrative area - 508 m2.

Short reference
Full juridical name Public Joint Stock Company "Uzhgorod shoe-making factory"
Busines language Russian, Ukrainian, English
Juridical address 88000, Mukachivska st.44,Uzhgorod, Ukraine
Telephone (+38-03122)- 3-43-43
Fax (+38-0312)-61-72-37
Bank property
Form of property private
President Vardan Tovmassian
Total amount of constant stuff 200

Location:   Mukachivska str. 44, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, 88000
Phone (+38-03122) 3-43-43
Fax  (+38-0312) 61-72-37